Wednesday, June 30, 2021

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

5 Key factors to help you transition to self-handling claims

Many companies opt to take control of risk by moving to a higher deductible or self-insured retention (SIR). With lower deductibles and higher premiums, a company does not have a seat at the table to negotiate claims.  By moving to a higher deductible or SIR, you can gain control and reduce costs.  


This transition can be complex, and internal preparation takes time. The transition should be made in phases so that it’s tailored and timed to benefit everyone.  

During our webinar we will discuss fundamental steps to make the process more efficient and less burdensome including: 
  • How to collaborate with your insurance company & broker to build trust and ensure alignment
  • Best practices to identify & implement internal responsibilities for your claims team
  • Claims management platforms
  • How to identify barriers before you begin to implement a new process
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Meet our Speakers: 

Christa Peterson, Claims Team Leader, TrueNorth

Dan Cook, Practice Leader, TrueNorth